Liasys 330 Clinical Chemistry System
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The  LIASYS 330 is a simple and traditional bench-top system designed for users with small to medium test volumes; the system performs up to 330 tests/h. There are several reasons that make the LIASYS 330 the system of choice for your laboratory; they include:

- Durable Reaction Cuvettes: QC Monitored Washing System
- On board reagent inventory - Continuous loading operation
- Side-mounted ISE module for convenient accessibility
- True system STOP, PAUSE and STAT functions

An integrated arm system manages all dispensing operations while pre-heating the reagent about to be processed.
The Liasys 330 user interface allows "at a glance" updating of all system operations including available results, time to work-list completion, reagent levels, number of remaining tests, durable cuvette status and others key functions. Follow the links below for more detailed on-line documentation.


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Liasys 330 Clinical Chemistry System

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