Premier® H. pylori
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Qualitative EIA for the detection of IgG antibody to H. pylori.
Microwell-based enzyme immunoassay (EIA) that detects IgG antibody by using a sonicated bacterial cell lysate as the capture antigen. No calculations are required, and the visual color change makes interpretation of results objective and simple.

Product Details

Meridian Catalogue #: 606096
Kit Size 96 Determinations
Shelf Life from date of manufacture 14 Months
Storage Requirements 2°-8° C
Specimen Type Plasma, Serum
Assay Format Microwell
CE Marked Yes
Sensitivity 99.2%
Specificity 96.0%
Hazardous Harmful – Sodium Azide, Thimerosal; Flammable – Methanol
Country of Origin USA
Available Within/Outside USA Yes
Suggested CPT Code 86677
Results Interpretation Spectrophotometric/Visual
Visual Reading
Negative = Colorless to Faint Yellow
Positive = Definite Yellow Color

Spectrophotometric Readings

Negative = <0.120 (450 nm); <0.070 (450/630 nm)

Positive = =0.120 (450 nm); =0.070 (450/630 nm)


  • Item #: 606096

Premier® H. pylori

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