ReQuest® Immunoassay TORCH Kits 
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ReQuest® Immunoassay kits are manufactured in the USA, and provide outstanding sensitivity, specificity, accuracy and precision, thereby meeting the productivity needs of a wide range of laboratories. In today's highly competitive environment, ReQuest® assures reliable, high performance, user-friendly, and cost effective diagnostic test methods for TORCH Markers.

ReQuest® kits can team up with AE bios ChemWell® automated analyzer, and with Stat Fax® and ChroMate® microplate readers for Cost Effective by Design® diagnostic test systems.

Markers for TORCH:

  • 01-100    Rubella IgG
  • 01-110    Rubella IgM
  • 01-120    Toxoplasma IgG
  • 01-130    Toxoplasma IgM
  • 01-140    CMV IgG
  • 01-150    CMV IgM
  • 01-160    HSV-1 & 2 IgG
  • 01-410    HSV IgG Type 1 Specific
  • 01-420    HSV IgG Type 2 Specific

Inquire for Institutional Pricing for each marker.



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ReQuest® Immunoassay TORCH Kits 

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