SCILOGEX MX-E Vortex Mixer
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The MX-E is a powerful compact fixed-speed vortex mixer activated by touch which provides vortexing at 3000rpm. It features electronic speed control to ensure the same speed is maintained at all times, even during changes of load and features. The orbital diameter is 4 mm, providing an effective and efficient vortexing inside the sample.

  • Speed : 3000rpms fixed 
  • Shaking movement : Orbital, 4mm 
  • Motor type : Eccentric, oiless bearings 
  • Power : 20W 
  • Dimensions : 5"L x 5"W x 2.5"H 
  • Weight : 2lbs 
  • Voltage : 110Volts 60Hz
  • Item #: 825100029999

SCILOGEX MX-E Vortex Mixer

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